Dan Rather’s Nerve: Ignoring Biden’s Lies While Lecturing on Journalism

Ah, the audacity of Dan Rather, the has-been of fake news, crawling out of irrelevancy with advice on journalism. The nerve! Let’s not forget his shady past with unverified documents about George W. Bush. And now he dares to talk about balanced reporting? Give us a break!

Rather’s call to ditch both-sides-ism is rich. Perhaps he forgot about Joe Biden’s tangled web of lies – from plagiarism to fabricating stories for political gain. And don’t even get started on Biden’s track record of dishonesty – it’s longer than a CVS receipt!

And let’s talk about fact-checking. While Trump’s truth-stretching is no secret, Biden takes the cake with his tall tales. Remember when he claimed his son died in Iraq? Nope, not even close!

As for hard questions, when was the last time Biden faced anything tougher than a pillow in interviews? And spare me the democracy spiel, Dan. We’re wise to the left’s game of pushing their narrative while silencing the right.

So, next time Rather preaches about good journalism being the savior of democracy, just remember the real story – the left’s biased agenda and their fear of facing the truth. It’s time to wake up and smell the liberal bias, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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