Defiant Dems Stand With Biden, Reject Border Security in Bold House Vote!

In a display of unwavering unity, the Democrats have once again demonstrated their commitment to standing together, even if it means compromising their own party and the American Republic. It is becoming increasingly evident that, if President Biden's open-border policy persists unchecked, it will inevitably lead to the erosion of our representative democracy.

Fortunately, on Wednesday, there was a noteworthy development with House Resolution 957, which censures the Biden administration's open-border policies. According to Politico, the resolution passed with a vote of 225-187. All 211 Republican congressmen present supported it, along with 14 Democrats who recognized the gravity of the situation.

However, the concerning aspect is that an overwhelming majority of Democrats, a staggering 187 of them, voted against condemning Biden's detrimental border policy, with an additional 13 abstaining from voting altogether. It appears that their allegiance to party lines takes precedence over their concern for the well-being of the American people.

The Recount promptly highlighted the House vote results, tweeting, "225-187: The House passes a resolution that denounces the Biden administration’s ‘open’ border policies. 14 Democrats voted with Republicans." It is heartening to see some Democrats stepping outside of their echo chamber and acknowledging the destructive consequences of open borders.

HR 957, sponsored by Republican Congressman Nathaniel Moran of Texas, left no room for ambiguity or manipulation. It forthrightly labeled Biden’s open-border policy as a politically orchestrated foreign invasion, unprecedented in American history. The resolution explicitly denounces the Biden administration’s open-border policies, condemns the national security and public safety crisis along the southwest border, and calls on President Biden to put an end to these reckless policies.

The resolution wasted no time presenting incontrovertible facts to support its claims. It underscored that the United States is currently facing the most severe border security crisis in its history, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents encountering over 100,000 illegal aliens each month during Biden’s presidency. Furthermore, the Biden administration has released at least 3.3 million illegal aliens into the country's interior, while over 7 million illegal aliens have been encountered in total. Alarmingly, more than 1.7 million known illegal alien “gotaways” have successfully evaded the U.S. Border Patrol, and the Terrorist Screening Dataset contains 312 illegal aliens.

The resolution presents a compelling argument against the Biden administration, outlining how its actions created this crisis by terminating the Migrant Protection Protocols, halting border wall construction, abusing parole authority, and incentivizing illegal immigration. The systematic dismantling of immigration enforcement by the Biden administration has hindered the removal of aliens violating United States law, effectively allowing criminal aliens to remain in the country.

One cannot help but question why 187 House Democrats voted against this resolution, especially when faced with such compelling evidence. Are they blindly following the directives of the party elite without considering the long-term consequences? Perhaps they lack a moral compass altogether, unable to distinguish between right and wrong. It's possible that their position is driven by a belief that power alone is sufficient, dismissing the existence of any higher authority like God. The Democrats' embrace of open borders raises a troubling question: do they hope to grant eventual immunity and voting rights to all illegal immigrants? It would seem that, in their drive to transform America, they welcome newcomers with open arms, oblivious to the risk of creating a totalitarian society they once sought to escape.

Regardless of the Democrats' motivations, their vote against HR 957 effectively endorses and supports Biden’s border policies, sending a clear message — they are in favor of open borders and the continued degradation of America. This stance is unappealing to anyone with eyes to see and a genuine concern for the future of our country. The situation is nothing short of unsightly, and it is time for the Democrats to confront the consequences of their choices.

Written by Staff Reports

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