Dem Pollster Warns Biden’s Left Tilt Could Hand 2024 to Trump

Democratic pollster Mark Penn has published an op/ed in the New York Times where he expresses concern about the possibility of Donald Trump winning re-election in 2024. Penn argues that President Biden is focusing too much on pleasing the Democratic party’s left-wing base, which may lead to alienating moderate voters in key swing states. Penn points out that Biden’s focus on issues such as Israel, a hefty budget, tax increases, and failing to address concerns about inflation, immigration, and energy could lead swing voters to support Trump in the upcoming election.

Penn reiterates that swing voters in battleground states are looking for a more centrist approach, favoring policies centered around fiscal restraint, flexible climate policies, and compassionate yet firm immigration policies. He also highlights the importance of strong support for Israel, which he believes could sway the “Haley voters” towards Trump due to a perceived softening of Biden’s support for the nation. Additionally, Penn expresses doubt about Biden’s ability to push back against the left-wing base, as he perceives Biden’s campaign to be heavily influenced by left-leaning individuals and media.

The latest polling data mentioned in the op/ed shows Trump leading in six out of seven swing states, and Trump’s potential paths to securing enough electoral votes to win the presidency if he outperforms his 2020 results. The article emphasizes the significance of swing states such as Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in determining the outcome of the election, highlighting the stakes for Biden in securing these states. Lastly, the op/ed mentions concerns within Biden’s team about potential protests at the Democratic convention, hinting at internal worries about the influence of the Democratic party’s more radical factions.

In summary, the op/ed written by Mark Penn conveys the message that President Biden’s focus on appeasing the left-wing base may lead to alienating moderate swing voters, potentially paving the way for another Trump victory in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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