Dem “Thought Leader” Wants Biden Out? Ageism Strikes Again!

In yet another case of liberal lunacy, a so-called Democratic Party “thought leader” has decided it’s time to kick ol’ Joe Biden to the curb and put him out to pasture. Ezra Klein, a guy who helped start Vox (sounds like a cartoon villain’s lair, right?) and now writes for The New York Times, is singing the same old song about Biden needing to drop out of the 2024 presidential race. You know, because apparently, being an adult with life experience is a crime in the eyes of the left.

Klein, who seems to have a strange affinity for confusing gibberish, claims he actually likes Biden. Yeah, right. He says Biden should step down due to his age and his, let’s say, less than stellar poll numbers. What a shocker coming from a leftist who probably thinks anyone over the age of 30 belongs in a museum.

Klein argues that Biden should step down as a “hero.” What’s heroic about giving up just because some pencil pushers in the background whisper in your ear? Real heroes fight on, they don’t just tuck tail and run at the first sign of trouble. But hey, I guess that’s the difference between real leaders and spineless liberals.

Of course, Klein wants all the big shots in the Democratic Party to have a chat with Biden and convince him to hit the road. Yeah, good luck with that. Biden has already mopped the floor with all the other Democratic contenders in the primaries. The man may mix up names and talk in circles, but at least he’s actually getting stuff done. Unlike all those woke warriors sitting around sipping lattes and complaining on Twitter.

Maybe Klein should spend less time dreaming up reasons for Biden to quit and more time actually helping make the country better. But hey, that’s just a crazy idea coming from someone who actually cares about results, not just empty words and hot air.

Written by Staff Reports

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