Democrats’ Dark Money Ploy Exposed: Buying the 2024 Election?

The sneaky, conniving House Democrats have been caught red-handed in a cash grab scheme to funnel dark money to their 2024 candidates. It appears that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has been playing dirty by providing “strategic guidance, staff resources, training, and fundraising support” for repeat candidates who were part of a little-known “fellowship” paying them between runs. It’s like they’re trying to buy their way back into power!

This so-called “Red to Blue” program by the DCCC is nothing but a shady operation to prop up their favorite candidates and help them develop strong campaigns. But wait, it gets even worse! At least three Democrats on the list of so-called “top-tier candidates” have been double-dipping as participants in a separate progressive fellowship that has raised eyebrows among legal experts. It seems like these Democrats will stop at nothing to secure their power!

The charity responsible for this shady fellowship, the New Politics Leadership Academy, has since passed the torch to a newly-formed nonprofit group called Our American Future Foundation. And guess who’s behind this new group? None other than an associate of Democratic superlawyer Marc Elias! It’s like they’re not even trying to hide their shady dealings!

Conservative lawyer Paul Kamenar has raised concerns that these paid programs could “constitute political contributions,” and he’s absolutely right! It’s like these Democrats are trying to buy their way into office with dark money and sketchy fellowships. It’s a total disgrace!

To make matters even more outrageous, one of the candidates, Kirsten Engel, a University of Arizona law professor, claimed she was not paid through the fellowship, but who knows what other tricks they’re hiding up their sleeves! And it’s not just her, others like former federal prosecutor Will Rollins and lawyer Josh Rollins have also been part of this shady fellowship.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s press secretary, Will Reinert, has rightfully called out the DCCC for their despicable actions, stating that “the DCCC should be ashamed — rigging the system for candidates beholden to whoever funds the dark money group paying to support their lifestyle.” It’s clear that the Democrats will stop at nothing to get their way, even if it means using underhanded tactics and dark money to push their candidates into power.

In the end, it’s up to the American people to see through the Democrats’ deceitful tactics and question who will really benefit if these extreme Democrats are elected. It certainly won’t be the hardworking families and workers who make this country great. It’s time to shine a light on the Democrats’ dark money schemes and hold them accountable for their corrupt actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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