Democrat’s Feinstein Plan Exposes Their True Colors

The Left’s insidious plan to remove Senator Dianne Feinstein from office has revealed their true disdain for women’s rights. As conservatives, we have unintentionally become feminists by speaking out against the unfair inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports. It’s only logical that those who are biologically female should be the only ones considered for accolades regarding advancing women’s rights. Just imagine how women would feel if the National Organization for Women’s leadership board was entirely male!

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are pushing for Feinstein’s resignation, not because of her age, but because they fear losing power. Her cognitive abilities have recently been questioned due to health issues, which has caused her to miss multiple votes. However, in her defense, she has an exceptional staff who are doing a great job of keeping her office on track.

Feinstein’s absence from Congress endangers the Democrats’ quest to confirm judges, which is the only path where they can remotely score a win. Now that their coveted Supreme Court nomination of now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett has passed, Senate Democrats are suddenly attempting to remove Feinstein from her seat. They are even calling for her replacement to be a progressive woman of color in order to fit their radical agenda.

Feinstein’s defender, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, has claimed that sexism is the real reason for the call for Feinstein’s resignation, but this is just another example of the Left using identity politics to push their agenda. The truth is, Feinstein’s absence is blocking what could be crucial wins for feminism, yet the Left is willing to sacrifice those wins for their own power grab.

We cannot let the Left’s hypocrisy go unnoticed. While they insist on removing Feinstein from office, they continue to support Joe Biden despite his aging and apparent cognitive decline. If the Left insists that Feinstein should retire for the sake of the country and women’s rights, then it’s only logical that Biden should resign as well.

This situation has exposed the Left’s true priorities – power over women’s rights. Rather than supporting a senator who has dedicated her life to fighting for women’s rights, they are willing to throw her away for their own gains. As conservatives, we must continue to fight for what is right and speak out against the Left’s insidious agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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