Dems’ Border Bill Exposed: Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers for Illegals!

In a shocking turn of events, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy has revealed his party’s true agenda for the border security bill – to keep the borders wide open! The text of the bill indicates that there are no plans to actually close the border, much to the delight of the far left, open border advocates. Murphy brazenly boasted about American taxpayers footing the bill for illegal immigrant attorneys, essentially prioritizing lawbreakers over hardworking citizens.

Not only does this bill fail to address the border crisis, but it also includes outrageous provisions such as government-funded lawyers for young unaccompanied minors. It’s as if Democrats want to reward and encourage illegal immigration! House Speaker Mike Johnson has already declared the bill as “dead on arrival” in the House, calling it even worse than expected. Clearly, the Democrats are more interested in pandering to illegal immigrants than in protecting American sovereignty and security.

It’s appalling that the Democrats are neglecting the safety and well-being of American citizens in favor of prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants. This bill does nothing to address the influx of illegal border crossings and the chaos it brings. Instead, it focuses on providing legal representation and benefits to those who have entered the country unlawfully. The American people deserve better than this blatant disregard for border security and national sovereignty. It’s time for Congress to put America first and stop playing politics with our borders.

Written by Staff Reports

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Senate’s Draft Bill: Open Borders and Chaos Ahead!