Dems Dodge Condemning Biden’s Open Borders in Shocking House Vote!

Despite potential consequences, the Democrats persist in supporting President Biden's open border policy, as evidenced by the recent passage of House Resolution 957 condemning the administration's approach. The resolution, which received a 225-187 vote, with all 211 present Republican congressmen and 14 Democrats in favor, starkly exposes the division within the Democratic party. Notably, 187 Democrats opposed the condemnation, and 13 opted not to vote, prompting the question: Do the Democrats have a desire to undermine America?

Sponsored by Republican Congressman Nathaniel Moran of Texas, the resolution takes a clear and straightforward stance against Biden's open-border policy, characterizing it as a politically orchestrated foreign invasion jeopardizing national security and public safety. The resolution supports its assertions with compelling statistics, highlighting the alarming encounters of over 100,000 illegal aliens monthly since the inception of Biden's presidency. It also emphasizes the release of 3.3 million illegal aliens into the interior of the country, the evasion of over 1.7 million known illegal alien "gotaways" from the U.S. Border Patrol, and the presence of 312 illegal aliens on the Terrorist Screening Dataset.

The charges against the Biden administration's open-border policies are substantial and difficult to refute. In light of the overwhelming evidence, the question arises as to why 187 House Democrats would vote against this resolution. Are they blindly adhering to party loyalty, supporting policies that may ultimately lead to the detriment of America? Alternatively, is their lack of belief in a higher power fostering an attitude where power becomes the sole priority? There is also the possibility that they envision all illegal immigrants being granted immunity and subsequently voting for their party. Whatever the motivation, a vote against HR 957 essentially endorses Biden's border policy and paints an unflattering picture for the Democrats.

Written by Staff Reports

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