Dems Push Vote Rights for Illegals: Democracy Under Attack!

In a shocking display of liberal idiocy, the Democratically-led House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow illegal immigrants the right to vote in local elections. The bill, which is known as the “Voter Empowerment Act,” would give non-citizens the same voting rights as legal citizens in cities across America.

Under the guise of “empowering” minorities, the Democrats are attempting to undermine the fundamental principles of democracy. By enabling those who do not respect our immigration laws, the Democrats are basically giving a big middle finger to the millions of legal immigrants who came to America the right way and followed the rules.

Furthermore, this bill is blatantly unconstitutional. It flies in the face of our founding principles, which reserve the right to vote solely for American citizens. Democrats and their cohorts in the media can spout all the excuses they want, but the fact remains: giving illegal aliens the right to vote is a slap in the face to every patriotic American.

It’s no wonder that the Democratic Party is rapidly losing support among hardworking Americans. With stunts like this, they are proving themselves to be nothing more than pandering politicians who are more concerned with pushing their radical leftist agenda than with defending the integrity of our election process.

It’s time that we take a stand against this dangerous trend of liberalism run amok. We must demand that our elected officials uphold their duty to protect and defend our Constitution, not tear it apart for their own political gain.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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