DeSantis Keeps Winning, 2024 Announcement Soon?

After winning several legislative victories, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is starting to look like a potential presidential candidate in 2024.

During a special legislative session that lasted for five days, the House and Senate passed several bills that could help boost DeSantis' chances of becoming the next president.

Some of the bills that were passed during the special legislative session include an expansion of the governor's program that allows illegal immigrants to travel to other states.

The legislation created an unauthorized alien transport program within the Division of Emergency Medical Services. This will allow state employees to transport certain illegal immigrants to other states whenever needed.

The new legislation also allows DeSantis to transport illegal immigrants from other states.

The outcome of the legislative session was a 26-9 vote that ended Walt Disney World's control over its tax district.

The legislation passed during the special session also created a new tourism oversight district that will be led by a group of individuals DeSantis approves of.

The controversy involving Disney and the governor started after the company criticized the governor for signing a bill that allowed parents to monitor what their kids were learning in school.

The police stated that DeSantis was hostile and unfair toward the LGBT community.

One of the bills that DeSantis supported was a measure that aimed to crack down on election-associated crimes.

As an opponent of election fraud, DeSantis worked to pass legislation that would allow prosecutors to charge voters with violations.

In 2020, a group of 20 individuals were accused of illegally voting after they had previously been convicted of a crime.

The new legislation allows prosecutors to file charges against individuals who commit election fraud.

This week, DeSantis won several legislative victories, which made him an ideal candidate for Republicans.

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