Desperate Dems Revive Debunked “Russia” Smear on Trump as Biden’s Popularity Tanks

The Democratic antics against former President Donald Trump just keep getting more desperate—like a dog chasing its tail. Despite their best efforts to smear him, Trump remains standing tall in the polls while President Joe Biden’s popularity continues to plummet faster than a lead balloon.

So, what’s the latest move in the Democrats’ playbook against Trump? Enter Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the worn-out “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative. Yes, you heard it right, folks. They’re pulling out all the stops, recycling old accusations that have already fallen flat on their faces in the past. It seems like the Democrats just can’t let go of their obsession with tying Trump to Russia without a shred of evidence.

Former Biden mouthpiece turned MSNBC talking head, Jen Psaki, reignited the baseless insinuations by asking, “What do you think Putin has on Trump?” Seriously, Jen? Haven’t we been over this already? But why bother with facts when you can just throw mud at the wall and see what sticks?

Pelosi jumped on the bandwagon, peddling the unfounded theory that Trump is compromised financially by Putin. Talk about grasping at straws. Instead of presenting any proof to back up her outlandish claims, Pelosi is content with slinging mud and hoping it tarnishes Trump’s reputation in the eyes of the public.

Psaki, ever the propagandist, shamelessly amplified the baseless attacks on Trump, praising Pelosi’s reckless comments as “extraordinary.” Extraordinary? Only in the world where baseless accusations are celebrated as truth. Democrats like Pelosi and Psaki seem to have forgotten that facts matter more than spreading unfounded gossip.

But let’s talk real facts here. If Trump was cozying up to Putin, why did he authorize the bombing of Russian forces in Syria when they threatened American lives? Why did he warn Germany about the dangers of depending on Russian oil? And let’s not forget the sanctions he imposed on Russia for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a move even Biden reversed.

Furthermore, Trump provided military aid to Ukraine, including Javelin missiles, a step Obama shied away from. Trump’s actions were anything but weak on Russian aggression. If the Democrats had anything concrete on Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, they would have revealed it a long time ago after all the investigations he’s been through.

It’s high time the Democrats quit grasping at straws and focused on real issues facing our country. The tired “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative has run its course. Instead of pointing fingers without evidence, perhaps they should turn their attention to tackling the challenges that actually matter to the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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