DHS Caught Funding Leftist Propaganda: Taxpayers Fund Anti-Conservative Seminar!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is once again in hot water as it has been discovered that they granted more than $300,000 in taxpayer funds to the University of Dayton’s PREVENTS-OH program, an anti-domestic terrorism initiative. Shockingly, the university previously hosted a seminar on “Extremism, Rhetoric, and Democratic Precarity,” where a lecturer compared mainstream conservatism with Nazism, according to recently disclosed federal grant data. It’s simply outrageous that taxpayer money is going to an institution that spews this type of hateful, left-leaning rhetoric.

The seminar also made use of a “Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization,” which unfairly linked conservative organizations such as Fox News and The Heritage Foundation with radical groups like the Daily Stormer, a pro-Nazi publication, and The Base, a neo-Nazi paramilitary group. This sort of extreme and untrue rhetoric has no place in American society, let alone in discussions about counterterrorism.

This alarming news has spurred conservative watchdog group, Media Research Center (MRC), to send a letter to Republican House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan expressing their concerns about government collusion. They discovered documentation that proves the government is outright promoting left-wing propaganda and coming dangerously close to violating the First Amendment rights of conservative Americans.

Of course, DHS was quick to distance itself from the vile seminar and pyramid, stating that it played no part in their creation. But the bottom line is that taxpayer money is being spent on organizations that promote blatantly biased and false information. It’s time for conservative Americans to stand up and demand that their hard-earned dollars be spent on initiatives that truly align with their beliefs and will benefit society instead of being used to promote leftist propaganda.

Written by Staff Reports

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