Dr. Phil Exposes Gender Care Sham on Rogan’s Show!

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around for the most jaw-dropping bombshell from the one and only Dr. Phil McGraw. That’s right, the man who’s been a guiding light for millions has just exposed the ugly truth about so-called “gender-affirming care.” Brace yourselves because this is a wild ride.

It all went down on “The Joe Rogan Experience” when Dr. Phil, who ruled the airwaves for 21 years, lit into the major medical associations backing “gender-affirming care.” He didn’t mince words, folks. He called out these organizations for their slick language, pointing out that what they’re really pushing for is hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgeries on kids. Just when you thought the truth couldn’t get any juicier, Dr. Phil dropped another bomb – these organizations label anyone who questions their agenda as transphobic. Can you believe it?

And he didn’t stop there, no sir. Dr. Phil made it crystal clear that the medical world has signed off on these irreversible treatments with less information than he’s got in his pinky finger. The nerve!

You better hold onto your seats because he didn’t sugarcoat the potential harm either. According to Dr. Phil, many European countries have seen the light and stopped these practices. That’s right, they couldn’t ignore the long-term consequences, and neither should we.

But wait, there’s more. Dr. Phil took aim at teachers who think they’re the experts on kids’ gender confusion. He hit the nail on the head, pointing out that they’re as qualified as a fish riding a bicycle. The nerve!

Enter Joe Rogan, who joined Dr. Phil in shredding the idea of keeping kids’ identities from their parents. He dropped some truth bombs about how kids can be persuaded into anything, and I mean anything. And as if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Phil mentioned how psychotherapy is just as effective as these harmful treatments, without the irreversible side effects. You don’t want to miss out on this, folks.

But it gets even crazier because Dr. Phil called out the social contagion, where young people are taking the bait through the internet and social media. He didn’t hold back, folks. He pointed out the skyrocketing number of kids claiming to be transgender, questioning if it’s genuine or just another social media trend.

But here’s the real gut punch, folks. At the end of the day, it’s the parents who are leading their kids down this dangerous path. And that’s not even the worst of it, are you sitting down? Future generations will look back at us in horror, realizing that it was us, the parents, who sacrificed our children on the altar of wokeness. I’m telling you, that’s a wake-up call you can’t ignore.

You might be wondering what this all means for the next election, and let me tell you, it’s a wake-up call. You know what Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said, right? He’s warning us that the election in 2024 is the most important one in our history. It’s time to stand together and fight back against these elites who want to erase everything we love about America.


Written by Staff Reports

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