Elon Musk Exposes Blinken’s Involvement in Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has taken to his social media platform to call out Secretary of State Anthony Blinken regarding allegations of his involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Blinken is accused of being the senior campaign official who asked the former acting CIA director to organize colleagues in signing a letter declaring the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation.” The tweet came after a popular right-wing influencer named ALX detailed the allegations on his page. Musk tagged Blinken in his post, demanding answers from him.

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal was just the start of the Biden family’s problems. Another whistleblower from the IRS has written a letter to Congress alleging that the Department of Justice, under Merrick Garland, is shielding Hunter Biden from charges. According to legal expert Mike Davis, this could mean major trouble for the Bidens. The letter alleges that Hunter Biden violated a gun law, evaded taxes, and took foreign money in a corrupt manner. However, the Biden Justice Department is not allowing US attorney in Delaware David Weiss the latitude he needs to pursue these charges.

This all points to a bigger problem with the Biden administration, with corrupt practices and cover-ups being swept under the rug. It’s not surprising that even Elon Musk is now calling out the Secretary of State for his involvement in this mess. The American people deserve honesty and transparency from their leaders, not a group of corrupt individuals trying to cover up their wrongdoing. It’s time to hold these elites accountable for their egregious actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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