Exposed: Viral Video Wrongly Accuses Netanyahu of Arresting Pro-Israeli Protesters!

In a viral post that has been widely shared on X, the social media platform that used to be known as Twitter, a claim is made that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is arresting Jews who are protesting “the Palestinian genocide.” However, after a fact check was conducted, it was determined that this claim is false and there is no evidence to support it.

The video in question, which shows Haredi Jews clashing with the police over military recruitment, was originally posted on X back in June of 2023. In a recent primetime speech, Netanyahu stated that “everyone will have to give answers” concerning Israel’s current conflict with Hamas. He also mentioned that a thorough evaluation of the situation will take place once the war is over.

Contrary to the claim made in the video, Netanyahu has not been arresting Jews who are protesting the alleged Palestinian genocide. The video actually depicts a confrontation between Jews and the police regarding forced military recruitment by the Israeli state. The owner of the social media account that shared the video, Itamar Cohen, clarified that the incident occurred during a demonstration at an Israeli Armed Forces recruitment office in Jerusalem. Two people were arrested as a result of this incident.

It is worth noting that the video has not been referenced on Netanyahu’s official website or his verified social media accounts. Fact-checking publication Check Your Fact has reached out to Netanyahu’s office for comment but has not received a response at the time of writing.

While it is important to fact-check and verify information before drawing any conclusions, it is also crucial to avoid spreading false claims that can be damaging or misleading.

Written by Staff Reports

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