FBI Fumbles Terror Threats: Busy Targeting Parents, Ignoring Real Danger!

The Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing took a turn for the worse when FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed the shocking truth about the current state of terrorist threats against the homeland. In an exchange with U.S. Senator Rick Scott, Wray admitted that there is a greater possibility of foreign terrorist organizations directing an attack on U.S. soil. While there is no evidence of such attacks happening yet, we should not ignore the fact that these terrorist organizations are openly calling for violence. It’s time to wake up, folks! We are in a dangerous period.

But wait, it gets even more concerning. When asked whether the FBI is capable of tracking threats and preventing attacks within the United States, Wray hesitated. He couldn’t confidently say that they can detect all individuals. In his own words, it’s the “unknown unknown” that keeps him up at night. Now, isn’t that reassuring? The agency tasked with keeping us safe has admitted that there are gaps in their intelligence and they aren’t even tracking whether terrorist organizations are operating in our own backyard.

It’s mind-boggling. Instead of focusing on the real threats facing our country, what has the FBI been doing? Oh, right! They’ve been busy harassing concerned parents speaking up at school board meetings and targeting innocent pro-life activists. Is this really where our taxpayer dollars should be going? It’s time for the FBI to redirect their efforts towards combating the actual dangers that threaten our national security.

As Sen. Scott rightfully questioned what concerned citizens should do in the face of this alarming reality, Wray’s response was hardly reassuring. He advised against panic but emphasized the need for vigilance. We shouldn’t stop living our lives, but we must be on high alert. The phrase “if you see something, say something” has never been more important. It’s clear that ordinary Americans need to help fill the void left by the FBI’s shortcomings in order to protect our communities.

But let’s be real for a moment. Why should we, the American people, be the ones shouldering the burden of national security while the FBI seems unable to fulfill its duty? It’s their job to keep us safe, not ours. Yet here we are, being told to be vigilant as if we’re living in a war zone. This is a wakeup call for the FBI to prioritize their resources and start effectively tracking and neutralizing terrorist threats within our borders.

The FBI’s lackluster performance in protecting our homeland from terrorists is deeply concerning. The admission of intelligence gaps and the failure to track terrorist organizations operating within the United States is simply unacceptable. It’s time for a serious reevaluation of the FBI’s priorities, ensuring that they focus on the real threats and leave innocent parents and activists alone. Our national security should never be compromised, and it’s about time the FBI takes that responsibility seriously.

Written by Staff Reports

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