FBI Raids Pro-Life Activist’s Home in Front of Kids – Testimony Revealed

The distressing account of pro-life activist Mark Houck, recalling the traumatizing incident when FBI officials conducted a raid on his home in front of his seven children, serves as undeniable evidence of the corruption prevalent within the current administration. The FBI’s intention to humiliate him and intimidate his children was entirely unwarranted and morally unacceptable. As a devout Catholic, Houck’s only offense was pushing Bruce Love, a volunteer at a pro-abortion clinic, who had been intimidating his 12-year-old son. Instead of addressing Love’s behavior, the Biden administration opted to prosecute Houck, alleging a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.

During the trial, Jim Jordan (R-OH), the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, argued that the FBI conducted the raid solely because Houck was a pro-life advocate. In today’s woke culture, families of pro-life individuals are singled out as targets, and Houck’s family unfortunately fell into that category. Being pro-family, pro-life, and supportive of secure borders made Houck a specific target for federal agents. One can only imagine the extent to which this political bias permeates the highest levels of federal agencies.

The enforcement of the FACE Act by the Biden administration, providing protection to pro-abortion activists while simultaneously persecuting pro-life advocates, facilities, and churches, represents a glaring double standard. Subcommittee Chairman Mike Johnson (R-LA) has highlighted that rather than safeguarding pregnant women and their unborn children, the Justice Department seems to prioritize catering to the pro-abortion political movement.

Houck’s account serves as a warning to the American people that one’s political beliefs can influence who faces prosecution. Thankfully, after enduring a trial that lasted four and a half months, Houck and his children were acquitted. However, it is evident that federal agents abused their power and exceeded the boundaries of their actions. It is high time that we had a conservative administration that upholds the protection of the pro-life community and defends religious freedom, which forms the foundation of our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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