Fox Silences Tucker Carlson’s Name – Ratings Plummet as “Wokeness” Invades Network

Fox News Bans Mentions of Tucker Carlson’s Name

Fox News has put a new rule into place preventing hosts and guests from speaking the name of one of their former primetime hosts, Tucker Carlson. Biographer Chadwick Moore revealed this information recently, stating that Fox insiders have said that all references to Carlson are expressly forbidden.

Despite backlash, including Tucker Carlson’s unexpected dismissal on April 24th, the network seems to be experiencing a decline in ratings, with viewership being surpassed by alternative conservative media sources online. Former anchor Sean Hannity has even taken steps to front his own town hall for the purpose of boosting the network’s numbers.

In light of these efforts, Fox News has come under fire for implementing “woke” policies that go against their coverage of certain issues such as transgender accommodations by corporations. It remains to be seen whether or not the network will reverse this new rule, but with Carlson still under contract until the 2024 election, it’s likely that the situation will remain unresolved.

Despite criticism, the new rule does enforce some fairness by only allowing writers to appear on the network if they have a non-Murdoch book. This promotes diversity and allows for a broader range of viewpoints to be presented on air.

Regardless of what happens in the future, Fox News will continue to be at the forefront of political news and controversy, and will no doubt continue to ruffle feathers for years to come.

Written by Staff Reports

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