Fulton County DA Caught in Partisan Web: A Trump Probe Scandal?

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis seems to be setting a record for mixing politics with her professional responsibilities, especially when it comes to going after Donald Trump and his Republican allies. The recent discoveries about her top aides only further highlight the disturbing level of partisanship at play in her office.

One particular eyebrow-raising case involves Pallavi Purkayastha, a part-time employee at Willis’ office with a more accurate job description of Democratic party mouthpiece rather than Records and Documents Supervisor. Not only is Purkayastha deeply entrenched in Georgia Democrat politics, including being a DNC Member, but she also has close ties to Charlie Bailey, the 2022 Democrat nominee for Lieutenant Governor. The connections between Willis’ office and prominent Democratic figures like Purkayastha and Bailey raise serious concerns about the fairness and integrity of investigations.

The fact that Purkayastha’s hiring took place around the same time as the grand jury investigation into Trump started is suspicious, to say the least. Willis’ past fundraising event for Bailey, while sending a target letter to his opponent, highlights a clear conflict of interest that was rightfully called out by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney. The judge’s concerns about Willis’ actions potentially undermining public trust in the investigation are completely valid.

Additionally, Willis’ close associate, Jeffrey Disantis, raises further red flags with his significant ties to the Democrat party, including his media firm’s lucrative dealings with federal campaign committees. The fact that Fulton County’s employee manual prohibits this kind of outside employment, which Disantis clearly violates, adds another layer to the unethical conduct happening within Willis’ office.

It’s clear that a culture of political favoritism and bias pervades Fulton County DA’s office, with Willis and her team seemingly more interested in playing partisan games than upholding justice fairly. The revelations about Purkayastha, Disantis, and their connections to the White House and the DNC only serve to confirm the worst suspicions about the motivations behind the ongoing prosecutions. Any indictments stemming from such a tainted and politically compromised process should be immediately thrown out.

Written by Staff Reports

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