Gallagher’s WALL Act: A Bold Move to Finish What Biden Won’t

In a bold move to secure the border and protect American taxpayers, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher has introduced a legislation that demands President Joe Biden to finally finish the border wall. Aptly named the WALL Act, this bill aims to appropriate $25 billion to complete the construction of the wall, while also ensuring that the cost is offset by closing loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to exploit tax credits and welfare programs.

It’s about time someone takes a stand against President Biden’s empty promises and left-leaning policies. Gallagher highlights how Biden’s approach has only worsened the crisis at the border, jeopardizing our national security and causing harm to families in Wisconsin and across the country. As any sensible conservative knows, a finished southern border wall is not just a want, but a need. It is a fundamental tool that will help regain control of the border and protect American citizens.

Gallagher’s legislation is a common-sense solution to hold the Biden administration accountable. By requiring the immediate resumption of border wall construction that was planned before Biden took office, this bill ensures that the promises made by the previous administration are not discarded for political gain. It’s high time that actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to protecting our nation.

With Arizona and Texas already taking independent action to continue construction on their sections of the border wall, it is clear that states are ready to step up and do what is necessary to safeguard their residents. However, it is the federal government’s responsibility to take decisive action and fulfill its duty to protect the entire border. Gallagher’s legislation is a step in the right direction.

Furthermore, it’s important to consider the negative consequences of the Biden administration’s decisions. By ending Title 42, a necessary public health measure introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden administration has allowed for an influx of migrants. This has put additional strain on our border agents, who have encountered a record-breaking two million migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021 alone. The statistics speak for themselves, with billions of dollars in counterfeit goods seized, along with staggering amounts of illegal drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

President Biden himself signed an executive order to halt the construction of the border wall in January, disregarding the will of the American people and undermining the effectiveness of previous efforts. Gallagher’s legislation stands as a House companion to Alabama Republican Sen. Katie Britt’s Senate bill, showing that Republicans at both the federal and state levels are committed to protecting our borders and ensuring the safety and well-being of American citizens.

It is time for President Biden to step up and prioritize the security of our nation by completing the border wall. The WALL Act is a crucial step towards achieving that goal, and it serves as a clear reminder that the American people demand action, not empty words. It’s time for the Biden administration to take responsibility, listen to the will of the people, and prioritize national security over partisan politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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