Geraldo Defends Hunter Biden: Ex-Fox News Clown Turns Spin Doctor for Left!

Geraldo Rivera, the once-beloved Fox News reporter who shamelessly spilled military secrets for all the world to hear, is back in the spotlight. This time, he’s defending Hunter Biden’s decision to appear before the House Oversight Committee. Yes, you heard that right folks – the man who couldn’t keep his mouth shut about national security is now a staunch defender of the Biden family.

In an article on X, Rivera boldly claimed that Hunter Biden is “calling GOP Rep James Comer’s bluff” by offering to answer questions in a public hearing. According to Rivera, this move caught Republicans off guard, leaving them “shocked & horrified” because their case against Hunter is nothing but an “empty embarrassment.” Well, isn’t it just precious to see a former journalist turned spin doctor for the left?

Unsurprisingly, many users took this opportunity to take a swing at Rivera. After all, this is the same guy who called our beloved Second Amendment “stupid” and couldn’t resist getting into shouting matches with his fellow Fox News hosts. No wonder he was shown the door last year. Maybe he can join the circus, they always need a clown.

One of his regular sparring partners, Greg Gutfeld, didn’t hold back either. Earlier this year, Gutfeld mocked Rivera for appearing on the ultra-liberal show “The View” to criticize former President Donald Trump and accuse the Republican Party of being a cult. Gutfeld hilariously suggested setting up a GoFundMe page to get Rivera a much-needed haircut. At least Gutfeld knows how to give the viewers a good laugh, unlike Rivera.

During one of his interviews, Rivera even complained about his treatment during his time at Fox News. Boo-hoo! Cry us a river, Geraldo. The truth is, he just couldn’t handle being held accountable for his biased reporting and questionable behavior. He had the audacity to claim that he was treated unfairly and that others, like Jesse Waters and Greg Gutfeld, were always favored. Well, maybe if he focused more on presenting facts instead of his mustache, things would have turned out differently.

But let’s not get distracted by Rivera’s desperate attempt to revive his career. The real story here is the very real risks that Hunter Biden faces with the ongoing criminal investigations into his alleged tax evasion, gun charges, and failing to register as a foreign agent. Republicans like Reps. James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Speaker Mike Johnson have already uncovered evidence showing that President Biden benefitted financially from his son’s dubious business activities. This could potentially lead to an impeachment proceeding against the President himself. It’s clear that the Bidens are up to their necks in shady dealings, and it’s high time they face the consequences.

We can only hope that the House GOP remains vigilant in their pursuit of justice. The Biden family may try to hide behind their political connections and liberal media apologists, but the truth will prevail. And make no mistake, this is just the beginning. The American people deserve answers, transparency, and accountability from their leaders – something that seems to be sorely lacking in the current administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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