Goldman’s Backfire: Exposes Biden’s Shady Ties, Saves GOP!

Daniel Goldman, the former Trump impeachment lawyer and current Democratic congressman, is finding himself in a sticky situation. In a recent interview, Goldman tried to attack House Republicans but ended up unintentionally exposing the shady dealings of the Biden family instead. Oops!

It all started with the indictment of Gal Luft, a former business associate of Hunter Biden. Luft has been charged with a laundry list of crimes, including violating Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) laws for his work with CEFC China. As House Republicans were gearing up to receive more information from Luft about the Biden family’s foreign dealings, Goldman saw an opportunity to divert attention away from the scandal.

Goldman, in a desperate attempt to spin the narrative, accused Republicans of jeopardizing national security. But little did he realize, his own words backfired spectacularly. If we take Goldman’s claim seriously and assume Luft is indeed guilty of being a CCP agent, then what about Hunter Biden? He also advised CEFC China, made millions of dollars from the company, and conveniently forgot to register as a foreign agent. Talk about hypocrisy!

Goldman unintentionally admitted that Hunter Biden was working for the Chinese Communist Party and should be thoroughly investigated and potentially charged for his actions. Bravo, Goldman, for inadvertently revealing the truth! But I can’t help but wonder, was Goldman shamelessly trying to deflect attention or is he simply clueless? Either way, his attempt to trap House Republicans just exposed the bigger picture.

Goldman seems to have a double standard. He wants to label anyone associated with Hunter Biden as criminals while conveniently ignoring the connection to the Bidens themselves. Even if Luft is guilty, it doesn’t discredit his allegations about the Biden family. It’s like a mob member testifying against a mob boss – you would expect those associates to have committed crimes as well. Goldman’s argument is laughably nonsensical.

The question that Democrats can’t answer is this: if Luft is being charged with FARA violations, why hasn’t Hunter Biden faced the same charges? It’s a glaring double standard, and it’s about time someone held the Bidens accountable for their actions.

So, in the end, Daniel Goldman tried to attack House Republicans but only succeeded in exposing the shady dealings of the Biden family. It’s a classic case of partisan backfire. Bravo, Mr. Goldman, your unintentional honesty is truly admirable. Let’s hope this revelation leads to a thorough investigation into the Bidens’ questionable business dealings.

Written by Staff Reports

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