GOP Centers While Dems Go Extreme, Biden’s Border Bungles Exposed!

Listen up, y’all! This article wants you to know one thing: the Republican Party is actually not as far right as many ‘news’ media journalists claim. In fact, they argue that the GOP has shifted more towards the center on many issues. Sure, they’ve become more singularly focused, but extreme ideologies aren’t their cup of tea. Instead, they suggest that the Democrats have done some major leftward ho! They point to President Joe Biden and his flip-flopping on crime, abortion, and immigration. Apparently, he’s like a whole new person!

The writer then pulls out some juicy quotes from way back when, like Bill Clinton talking tough on illegal immigration and Barack Obama expressing concerns about people cutting the immigration line. They even throw in a Biden flashback, where he adamantly opposes sanctuary cities. The article makes a dig at Biden’s current administration, slamming sanctuary jurisdictions and calling out Texas for feeling the heat.

But it doesn’t stop there, folks! The article dives deeper into the border crisis, blasting Biden for allowing millions of illegal crossings and getting all up in arms about sanctuary governors asking for more moolah. It even applauds a growing list of states standing up to the federal government in the border dispute. The writer wraps things up by giving a big thumbs down to any Republican in Congress who even dares to consider playing nice with Biden on border policies.


Written by Staff Reports

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