GOP PAC Spends $450K to Oppose Rep. Bob Good Over McCarthy Vote

A conservative political action committee (PAC) is allocating more than $450,000 to oppose Republican Congressman Bob Good of Virginia. This unusual move stems from Good's vote against former Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker last year, indicating heightened divisions within the Republican Party and the repercussions following McCarthy's ousting.

The PAC, Defending Main Street, which is affiliated with nearly 90 Republican lawmakers, is spearheading the ad campaign in Virginia. Known for supporting "conservative, governing Republicans," the group previously targeted then-Rep. Steve King of Iowa in 2020 and has now set its sights on Rep. Good.

Sarah Chamberlain, president of Defending Main Street, emphasized that they would have opposed Good based on his voting history, even without his vote against McCarthy. The purchased ad spot endorses Good's opponent, state Sen. John McGuire. Concurrently, other outside groups like the American Patriots PAC are also actively involved in the race, having spent over $916,000.

Similar dynamics are unfolding in other races where Republicans who voted against McCarthy are encountering opposition. In South Carolina, Rep. Nancy Mace faces a challenge from former state agency director Catherine Templeton, with substantial financial support from outside groups like the South Carolina Patriots PAC.

The ongoing primary challenges within the Republican Party underscore the internal divisions and evolving political landscape, reflecting the tensions and shifts occurring within the GOP.





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