GOP Senator Ambushed on The View, Fights Back Against Leftist Agenda

Once again, a Republican falls victim to the mainstream media’s biased attacks. On Monday, Tim Scott had the misfortune of appearing on The View, where he was met with a hostile panel and audience. While Scott attempted to get his message across, the left-wing hacks on the show were cheering on audience members who booed Scott.

One of Scott’s few highlights during the appearance was pushing back on the idea that the United States is systemically racist. But, of course, that won’t be what goes viral. Instead, the left-leaning media will focus on the embarrassing moments that endure.

During the appearance, Scott was seen arguing with Sonny Hostin, and a stage producer had to interrupt to tell him it was time for a commercial break. Viewers were also subjected to the leftist agenda being pushed on the show, such as transitioning children and promoting gay pornography in school libraries.

So, why do Republicans keep doing this to themselves? Why are they giving credibility to leftist media figures like Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg? Who is the person watching The View that is even persuadable at this point? It seems pointless to go on these biased shows that only exist to tear Republicans down.

The reality is that Republicans should never agree to play by the rules of the left. They should never go on shows where they know they will only face ridicule and humiliation. It’s time to learn the lesson and stop repeating the same mistakes. There’s no upside to helping produce ratings and money for The View or CNN.

Written by Staff Reports

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