GOP Slams Brakes on Dems’ Sneaky $60B Ukraine Ploy Disguised as Border Fix

On Wednesday, the Senate’s attempt to pass a border bill blew up in their faces, and rightly so! The Republicans held strong and shut down this ridiculous attempt to disguise a Ukraine war package as a solution to our southern border crisis. Can you believe that a whopping $60 billion out of the $118 billion in the bill was earmarked for Kyiv and only a measly $20 billion was set aside for dealing with the immigration catastrophe in our own backyard?

This so-called border bill was chock full of goodies for people who have no business being in our country. It wanted to hand out citizenship to unvetted Afghan refugees, provide taxpayer-funded lawyers to migrants under 13, and toss out 250,000 new visas over five years like candy. Not to mention, it aimed to grant permanent residency to the children of H-1B visa holders. Seriously, the last thing we need is more people crowding our borders and taking advantage of our generosity.

As if the bill wasn’t already laughable, it included toothless measures to make it harder to claim asylum and supposedly expedite deportations. Oh, but wait, the extra funds for Border Patrol weren’t meant to help deport people or enforce immigration laws. Nope, they were meant to hire more people to process the claims. Utterly ridiculous!

And now, to top it all off, we have Sen. Chris Murphy claiming that Republicans want a border crisis to use against Biden. What a load of nonsense! And don’t even get started on his bizarre notion of calling illegal aliens “undocumented Americans.” Give us a break!

The Democrats are up to their old tricks, trying to sneak in provisions to push for mass amnesty and weaken the resolve of Republicans. They want to hand out new visas and put all those illegals on the fast track to citizenship, but don’t be fooled. When the time comes, we’ll see where the real backbone lies.

The Senate’s border bill was a shameless attempt to push through a Ukraine war package disguised as a solution to our border crisis. It was filled with handouts for illegal immigrants and would have only made matters worse. Thank goodness the Republicans saw through this charade and shut it down. Let’s hope they continue to stand strong against these sneaky tactics from the Democrats.

Written by Staff Reports

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