Haiti Apocalypse: Gangs Unleash Terror, PM Cries for Help!

The Washington Examiner is here to give you the real scoop on the chaos unfolding in Haiti. It’s a madhouse down there, folks! The government had to declare a state of emergency because the weekend was a free-for-all of violence and mayhem. Those sneaky criminals even stormed the country’s two biggest prisons, letting loose thousands of inmates. It was like a jailbreak straight out of a Hollywood movie!

But it’s no laughing matter. Police and prison staff were killed and injured in these despicable “criminal acts.” The government even slapped a nighttime curfew on the place until Wednesday. Can you imagine having to be home before the streetlights turn on? What a nightmare!

To make matters worse, over 4,000 prisoners busted out of one prison, and another 1,400 inmates went on the lam from a different joint. The government described the aftermath as “massive population displacements” and a whole lot of nasty stuff like kidnappings, assassinations, violence against women and children, and stealing people’s stuff. It’s like the wild west down there!

And if that wasn’t enough, these gangs have been teaming up to wreak havoc all over the place. They’ve been hitting the international airport, the national soccer stadium, and even police stations. Four officers got killed in the line of duty, for crying out loud!

The citizens are living in fear, hiding from gunfights and dodging burning tires and debris in the streets. Prime Minister Ariel Henry is practically begging for help, saying they need to have elections ASAP to try and get a grip on the situation.

And guess what? The Biden administration is supposedly keeping an eye on things, acting all concerned and whatnot. They’re talking about democracy and fair elections, but who knows if they’ll actually do anything about it. It’s a mess, and Haiti needs some serious help.

Written by Staff Reports

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