Hamas Deceives Media; Biden Fails to Support Israel

Hamas, a dangerous terrorist group, has been caught in yet another web of lies. The media, including the New York Times, have fallen for their deceitful tactics, spreading false claims of a Gaza ceasefire that never truly materialized. This is typical behavior for Hamas, and it’s disappointing to see prominent figures like President Joe Biden going along with their narratives.

It’s alarming how the Biden administration has been handling the situation. Instead of supporting Israel in defending itself against terrorist attacks, Biden has taken steps to limit ammunition and deny bomb shipments to Israel. This effectively ties Israel’s hands in dealing with a terrorist organization whose sole goal is to harm innocent lives, particularly targeting Jews.

This betrayal of Israel is a troubling sign of the current administration’s priorities. By aligning with Hamas, Biden is not only failing to support a long-standing ally but also contributing to the perpetuation of violence and terrorism in the region. It’s disheartening to see political considerations taking precedence over standing up for what is right and just. 


Americans overwhelmingly support Israel and condemn terrorist groups like Hamas. By disregarding this sentiment and siding with terrorist organizations, Biden is not only failing in his duty to protect American interests but also jeopardizing the safety and security of innocent civilians in the region. It’s crucial for leaders to prioritize the fight against terrorism and uphold moral clarity in their decision-making.

In this case, Hamas’s lies have been exposed, but it’s essential for the Biden administration to rectify its stance and stand firmly against terrorism. Supporting Israel in its efforts to combat terrorist threats is not only the right thing to do but also aligns with the sentiments of the majority of Americans. It’s time for strong leadership that prioritizes national security and condemns terrorist organizations without hesitation.

Written by Staff Reports

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