Heroic McCarthy Averts Shutdown, Shows GOP Unity & Bravery in Border Deal

The House Speaker is reportedly heroic and has saved the country from the government shutdown.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was able to pull off an incredible feat of Republican brilliance by preventing a government shutdown. He was able to negotiate a deal that would keep the government running for 31 days.

The deal includes various provisions for border security, but it does not include the E-verify requirement. Republicans are focused on securing the border, even after they finish playing golf.

Let's not forget the other individuals who made the deal possible, such as the negotiators. For instance, Texas Congressman Chip Roy threatened to withhold government funding if the Biden administration did not secure the southern border. His powerful speech on the House floor showed that even though the government is responsible for everything, Texas will still pay for the bill if they fail.

South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson and Florida Congressman Byron Donalds deserve to be commended for their efforts in making the deal possible. They showed that the Republican Party is capable of walking the talk when it comes to uniting. Johnson emphasized the importance of maintaining the government's funding while securing the border.

Donalds was also able to defend the deal against criticism. He noted that the Department of Justice will still work even if the government is closed.

Many of the Republican congressmen who didn't support the resolution were not happy with the deal. Some of them, such as Gaetz, expressed their concerns about the lack of spending reductions. Others were also unhappy with the investigation into Donald Trump. Despite their criticisms, McCarthy and his team will still be able to pass the resolution.

The deal shows the dedication of the Republican Party and its members to securing the border and maintaining the government's operations. It also shows that McCarthy and his team are capable of standing up for their principles.

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