Hunter Biden Laptop: Media’s Epic Meltdown & Cover-up

The media's failure in covering the Hunter Biden story continues.

The media is incapable of getting anything right these days. The first instance was the Russia collusion hoax, which they claimed was a hoax designed to get Donald Trump elected. However, they never found sufficient evidence to support their claims. Instead, they kept dropping “bombshells” that proved nothing but fabrications. Liberals are too self-righteous to admit that they made a mistake.

The latest example of a journalistic disaster is the Hunter Biden story. The mainstream media seized on the Russia disinformation peddlers' claims during the final days of the presidential election, but they didn't bother to look into the alleged laptop that belonged to the president's son.

Despite the media's failure to investigate the Russia hoax, there is still enough evidence to support the allegations against Biden. Besides his former associates, other documents show that the Department of Justice actively interfered with the investigations of his past.

It's clear that Joe Biden used the Department of Justice as his personal police force. The liberal media refuses to acknowledge that they made a mistake, even though it has been proven that they were wrong.

Philip Bump, a reporter for The Washington Post, had a meltdown when he was asked about the allegations against Hunter Biden during an interview. He has been trying to discredit the former vice president for years.

He started to act like a frightened wombat instead of engaging in a proper dialogue. It's clear that the media doesn't want to be held accountable for its lies.

The liberal media establishment is full of self-righteous and arrogant individuals. They view those who question their narrative as unworthy of their attention, and they don't care about learning from their mistakes. They consider themselves smart individuals, but they're just a group of reporters who can't handle the truth.

Law professor Jonathan Turley called out the Post for not admitting that its reporter made a big mistake when it came to reporting the false claims about Biden. He also noted that Bump had been pushing the false claims for a long time. The Washington Post doesn't care about the consequences of its reporter's actions. Instead of being helpful in disseminating accurate information, the media is more concerned with its own agenda.

Thanks to President Trump's actions, the liberal media has been greatly diminished. They no longer need to be listened to, and we now have conservative and independent journalists who can thoroughly check them out. It's time for the liberal media to start reporting the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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