Hunter’s Easy Deal Stuns, Gun Dealers Punished by Bidens

Many Republicans have long been concerned about the true nature of our justice system. For years now, they have claimed that it has been unfairly and unconstitutionally targeting conservatives while letting Democrats off the hook. Those allegations have only grown louder and more concerning now that Hunter Biden was given a plea bargain, allowing him to avoid jail time for an illegal gun purchase and failing to pay taxes.

The frustration from some prominent conservatives was palpable, especially on social media, with Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene pointing out the DOJ’s blind eye to the Biden family’s supposed corruption, including raking in tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries. Meanwhile, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) blasted the Biden administration for allowing Hunter to have a sweetheart deal while gun dealers have suffered harsh treatment for far less egregious paperwork mistakes.

According to Lawrence G. Keane, the senior vice president of the NSSF, “under this administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy, licensed firearm retailers have had their lives destroyed for paperwork mistakes far less egregious than buying a gun when you are a crack addict.” Keane further accused the Biden administration of not being serious about reducing gun violence and only scoring cheap political points. It is essential to note that the announcement of Hunter’s deal came right after President Biden’s appearance in Hartford last Friday, calling for gun control.

Given that justice was not appropriately served in Hunter’s case, Utah Senator Mike Lee has now called into question whether or not DOJ’s rules allow for such a plea agreement. Even former Attorney General Bill Barr, during an interview with Fox News, expressed his concern that this case has increased public pressure for the FBI to release the document that allegedly details corruption in the Biden family. Barr emphasized that the public must be guaranteed that investigations about the Bidens are being pursued with the same rigor as the case against President Trump. Still, with the blind eye that Hunter was given, that may be a hard sell. It’s time for the Biden administration to stop playing politics with our justice system and start holding everyone accountable, regardless of their last name.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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