Internal Administration Document Makes Shocking Admittance; Manchin Blames Biden

Democrats such as Joe Biden support radical climate change policies that would harm our country's energy independence and economy.

On Friday, a memo from the Interior Department was accidentally posted online, which Joe Manchin, a senator from West Virginia, found very concerning.

In late 2017, Amanda Lefton, who was the former head of the Bureau of Ocean Management, stated that charging fossil fuel firms for the less-productive areas of Cook Inlet would provide the country with more energy security.

In her memo, Lefton stated that developing natural gas resources in Cook Inlet would provide Alaska with more energy security and government revenues. It would also help address the region's supply issues.

According to Lefton, a 16.67 percent royalty fee would attract more bids and help facilitate the quick and orderly development of the region's offshore resources.

However, Lefton did not recommend implementing a 16.67 percent royalty fee for natural gas production in Cook Inlet.

However, according to Lefton, BOEM did not recommend implementing a 16.67 percent royalty fee due to the concerns about climate change and the harmful effects of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels.

However, Lefton recommended that the federal government impose a royalty fee of 18.75% on all natural gas production in Cook Inlet.

The proposed changes would have affected companies that are already operating in the area, regardless of their negative effects on the region's energy security and residents.

Despite knowing the facts, Laura Daniel-Davis, the assistant secretary of the Interior Department, decided to implement the higher royalty fee. She did not acknowledge the possibility that the alternative fee could have provided the country with more energy security.

According to Manchin, the only one bid was received for one tract. The White House then canceled the bid even though it was mandated by the law.

“I am appalled by the contents of the memo, which show how this administration is putting its radical climate agenda before the needs of the people of America,” he said.

He criticized the administration for disregarding the intent of Congress and allegedly trying to appease environmental groups at the expense of the country's energy security.

The contents of the memo revealed how the administration is trying to put its radical climate agenda before the needs of the American people. It is unacceptable, according to the West Virginia senator.

He vowed to not support anyone who used this type of erroneous reasoning.

Although he welcomed his call for an end to the administration's radical climate agenda, he noted that it is still not new for the White House to place its radical agenda above the country's energy security. Despite this, Joe Biden still claims that he is working to reduce the high gas prices and improve the country's energy security.

Even though he is not a fan of Joe Biden, Manchin is not ruling out the possibility of the former Delaware senator running for president in the future.

When asked about the possibility of supporting Biden if he decides to run for re-election, Manchin noted that he is the leader of the Democratic Party.

When asked if he would support Biden if he decides to run for re-election, Manchin said that the bottom line is who would be involved.

When asked if he would support Biden if he decides to run, Manchin would not answer the obligatory "yes" or attempt to deflect.

It has been speculated that Manchin might run for president in the future. His seemingly contradicting statement might add to the rumors surrounding his potential candidacy. It's a big deal for a Democrat to publicly state that they think there are better candidates than Biden. At this point, he's not even indicating that he's a Democrat.

It's not good for Joe Biden to continue to dilly-dally around and not make a decision regarding his future intentions. The more people who would like to challenge him will likely start coming out of the woodwork.

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