Ivanka’s Subpoena: Left’s Plot to Crush Trump & Family Exposed

The biased liberal media, always eager to see the downfall of conservative icons, are gleefully indulging in rumors that the walls are finally closing in on Donald Trump. As a New York court deliberates the fate of his iconic business empire, sadists on the left are positively titillated by the possibility that Trump’s own children may deliver the deathblow.

Ivanka Trump, who once stepped away from the Trump Organization to work in the White House, has distanced herself from her father and his political ambitions. The left, in their relentless pursuit to crush Trump with lawfare, predict that Ivanka will plead the Fifth in court. But if she dares to testify against her own father, the knives will come out. Pundits are salivating at the thought, hoping that Trump’s lawyers will rip her to shreds on the stand.

President Trump himself has made his way to New York for the opening of the trial, which is expected to last several months. Attorney General Letitia James is on a mission to completely bar Trump from doing business in the state, targeting his famous real estate empire and iconic properties like Trump Tower. Not one to hold his tongue, Trump openly criticized the judge, Arthur Engoron, and James, accusing them of being partisan hacks out to destroy him in favor of Joe Biden.

To further discredit the judge, it was revealed that Engoron was caught grinning with self-satisfaction just a day before issuing a gag order against Trump and warning of “serious sanctions.” It’s clear he has a biased agenda against Trump. Engoron has also made unilateral rulings, as there is no jury in the case, claiming that Trump somehow defrauded banks by overvaluing his assets. But Trump vehemently denies this, arguing that his assets were undervalued if anything, and that the banks were fully repaid.

Despite the biased judge and the relentless attacks from the left, Trump remains defiant. He vows to testify in court at the appropriate time, standing strong against the liberal onslaught. The left may relish in their speculation and hopes of tearing the Trump family apart, but conservatives see through their agenda. This trial is nothing more than a politically motivated show trial aimed at destroying a successful conservative businessman and his legacy. It’s time for the American people to see the truth and stand up against the left’s smear campaign.

Written by Staff Reports

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