Jen Psaki Reflects on Balancing Motherhood and White House Duties in New Book

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has opened up about her experience as a working mother in her new book Say More. In the book, she discusses how she balanced her career while raising her daughter during her time working for both the Obama and Biden administrations.

Psaki recalls being six months pregnant when she was offered the job of White House Communications Director under the Obama administration. With the encouragement of then-Deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton, she accepted the position despite her concerns about being judged for returning to work. She reflects on how her daughter’s experiences were also shaped by her career, as she had the opportunity to meet two presidents.

During her tenure as press secretary under the Biden administration, Psaki faced the challenge of balancing her work with her daughter’s kindergarten obligations. She recounts the difficult day when her daughter’s kindergarten open house coincided with the tragic attack at the Kabul International Airport’s Abbey Gate, resulting in the loss of numerous lives.

Psaki describes the experience as a difficult moment that highlights the challenges faced by many parents as they strive to be present in all aspects of their children’s lives. Despite the difficulties, Psaki continued to juggle her responsibilities as a working mother and later left the White House to host her own program on MSNBC.

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