Jill Biden’s Gaza Stance Undermines Israel, White House Scrambles

There has been a lot of drama surrounding the Israel-Hamas war in the Biden White House, and things don't seem good for President Joe Biden's stance on Israel. Indeed, it appears that First Lady Jill Biden may not be that enthusiastic about it either. President Biden said that she reportedly advocated an end to the Gaza violence during a meeting with Muslim leaders. Don't get too enthusiastic just soon, though, since the White House hurried to stress that Jill Biden was not asking Israel to stop fighting Hamas, but rather that she was particularly calling for an end to civilian losses in Gaza.

Let's be honest now. Jill Biden and all who are concerned about ending the loss of innocent lives should confront Hamas about it. Initially, they are the ones who are causing all of the difficulty. And, really, how on earth is Joe Biden able to "Stop it, stop it now"? Jill Biden's viewpoint is completely meaningless because the Israelis get to decide how to deal with the adversary that assaulted their nation. Her passionate outbursts are meaningless because she was not elected to any office.

But hold on, the US is still interfering with Israel's war efforts. Guess what happened when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer demanded fresh elections to remove Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? In fact, President Biden referred to it as "a good speech." How about adding fuel to the flames? And then there are all these Democrats, including Sen. Chris Coons and AOC, who are putting pressure on Biden to take greater action to end the war and provide more humanitarian supplies to Gaza. They appear to be losing sight of the true adversary in this situation.

Not to mention the troublesome former White House staff members. On CNN, former director of communications for the White House Kate Bedingfield asserted that the president benefited by the deaths of seven World Central Kitchen aides as a result of an IDF attack. Really, folks? How callous can one become? Additionally, she attempted to fabricate the story that Biden had not shown regret for referring to the suspected young woman's killer as "illegal."

Therefore, it is evident that Biden's administration is in disarray due to the Israel-Hamas war as he prepares to speak with Netanyahu on the unintentional deaths of World Central Kitchen assistant workers. Furthermore, "Mr. Biden's anger and frustration had hit a peak in recent weeks," one unidentified official said. Well, I'm not kidding! There is an obvious issue here, and it doesn't seem like this will get any better anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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