John Jacob Astor IV Titanic Watch Sells for Record $1.485 Million

A pocket watch that once belonged to John Jacob Astor IV, the wealthiest passenger on the Titanic, has fetched an astonishing $1.485 million at auction, far surpassing the expected sale price of $189,000. The renowned watch, bearing Astor’s initials “JJA,” made history as it became the most expensive Titanic memorabilia ever sold, according to the Henry Aldridge and Son auction house.

Astor, a prominent figure with a fortune of $87 million in 1912, tragically lost his life at the age of 47 when the Titanic sank. His pocket watch, recovered from the wreckage, has since become a symbol of the enduring interest in the Titanic’s legacy and the stories of those aboard. Auction house managing director Andrew Aldridge emphasized the unparalleled significance of such historical artifacts and their enduring appeal to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The remarkable sale of Astor’s watch is emblematic of the enduring allure of Titanic relics, as demonstrated by the sale of violinist Wallace Hartley’s bag for $454,949, surpassing the initial prediction of $150,000. Such impressive results underscore the enduring fascination with the Titanic’s history and the human stories associated with the ill-fated voyage.

Written by Staff Reports

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