Kamala Gets TRASHED In NYT Piece, Even Hillary Doubts Her

The New York Times published an article on Monday that was very negative for Kamala Harris, stating that many of her fellow Democrats have lost confidence in her leadership abilities. Also, Hillary Clinton criticized her political instincts.

According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton privately told two Democrats that Kamala Harris would not be able to win the presidential race due to her lack of political instincts.

The leftist outlet noted that Clinton has a strong bond with Harris, and she is also supportive of her. Clinton has given off mixed signals regarding her potential presidential run.

Although Harris' allies defended her, the article was very negative for her. It showed that many of her colleagues do not trust her political instincts. Clinton's comments also raised questions about her leadership abilities and whether she is fit to lead the party.

The New York Times stated that many of her colleagues do not trust her leadership abilities. Other prominent party figures and members of Congress also said she did not have the necessary skills to lead the country.

According to the article, some of her advisers privately told reporters that they did not think she was capable of leading the country.

Several prominent Democrats, including some who helped Harris get on the 2020 ticket, told the media outlet that she did not have what it took to be a future leader of her party.

A prominent fund-raiser for the Democrats stated that she could not think of a single thing Harris has done that would stand out in comparison to Biden.

In response to the article, Harris' press secretary stated that there are plenty of people who would anonymously write negative opinions about her. The Hill also reported that there are numerous publications that recycle beltway gossip.

Harris' press secretary also stated that those who question the role of the vice president are not seeing what is in front of them.

Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison defended Harris on Monday.

The article noted that the concerns about Harris have shifted due to Joe Biden's potential run for president. The authors of the article also noted that Republicans would likely make Harris an issue if she were to join the ticket. As Biden is already 80 years old, the article noted that he would be the oldest president in history if he were to run for re-election.

As Joe Biden prepares to run for a second term, Democrats are worried that Harris could be a liability for his campaign. According to FiveThirtyEight, she has a low rating, and her favorability is even lower than that of Biden.

Biden praised Harris on Monday, and he noted that she has worked tirelessly for the American people. He also said that she is an ally and is always there for them when they need her. There have been numerous negative articles about Harris, and she has been rallying her supporters to defend her reputation.

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