Kamala Harris: Most Disliked VP Ever, Biden’s Plan to Fix It Fails

It is no surprise that Kamala Harris, the US's second-highest-ranking official, is not very popular among Americans. According to a recent poll conducted by NBC News, she is regarded as the most unpopular vice president in history.

A Harris poll revealed that almost half of voters have a negative opinion of Harris. This figure is higher than the 32 percent who have a favorable view of her. Her net-negative rating is -17, which is a result of her lack of support. Her defenders might try to argue that she is not qualified to be the country's vice president due to her race and gender, but it is clear that the voters don't trust her. Harris dropped out of the race during the first round of the 2020 presidential elections.

The Biden White House has to devise a plan to improve the image of Kamala Harris. Their objective is to make her more visible by showing her in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, this is not the plan's optimal approach. President Biden has already placed Harris in the spotlight, which makes her look weak and reliant on a script.

It is clear that the Biden administration is not competent when it comes to addressing Harris' negative public image. Instead of focusing on making her look better, they should develop a plan to find someone who is more suitable for the position. Unfortunately, Harris is yet another example of a leader who is incompetent.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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