Kansas Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Gender Treatments for Minors

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, a Democrat, blocked a bill that would have prohibited young children from receiving experimental and irreversible “gender-affirming” care. The bill, known as Senate Bill 233, aimed to ban hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and sex reassignment surgery for individuals under 18. The governor argued that the legislation interfered with parental rights and placed government mandates on families. In response, Kansas House Speaker Dan Hawkins, a Republican, criticized the veto and emphasized the need to protect vulnerable children from these procedures.

He also referenced similar actions taken in other states and countries, such as England’s decision to stop prescribing puberty blockers to children, as evidence that the governor had made a reckless decision. The National Health Service (NHS) in England had recently announced a review of transgender treatments after a report raised concerns about the evidence supporting gender transitions for young people.

Written by Staff Reports

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