Kari Lake Blasts Biden for Border Chaos, Unveils 10-Step Fix Plan

Kari Lake, a passionate Republican determined to become Arizona’s next senator, pointed the finger at President Joe Biden for the unchecked illegal immigration crisis plaguing the southern border for nearly three years. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Lake asserted that the debacle was no accident. She claimed that President Biden intentionally unraveled effective border policies that were working and insinuated that he did so to destabilize the country.

Lake linked the surge in illegal immigration and the burgeoning fentanyl epidemic to President Biden’s policy choices since taking office. She passionately expressed her concern over the devastating impact of fentanyl poisoning and the potential threat of criminals and terrorists entering the United States, describing the situation as allowing a foreign army to invade the country.

She emphasized the arrest of more than 170 individuals on the FBI’s terror watch list attempting to enter the US illegally from Canada or Mexico. According to Border Patrol sources, many of the suspected or known terrorists were identified as Colombians with civil war-era affiliations. Lake’s bold stance against illegal immigration has garnered her substantial support, including an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

Lake not only backed Trump’s border approach but also outlined her own 10-step plan to address the border crisis. She stressed the immediate need to complete the physical barrier and enforce immigration laws to their full extent. Lake also proposed increasing technology surveillance, hiring more immigration judges, and building detention facilities on the border to house asylum-seekers.

Despite the challenges in achieving these goals, Lake remained confident in her ability to make a difference. She vowed to expedite the completion of wall projects, which she believed could be achieved within a matter of months, if not weeks. Additionally, Lake proposed withholding foreign aid to countries that do not help stop illegal immigration to the US and providing assistance to other countries to combat cross-border criminal organizations.

Kari Lake’s forceful stand against illegal immigration and her commitment to securing the southern border have positioned her as a front-runner in the Arizona Senate race. She has garnered substantial support, especially from those who align with her conservative principles. As Lake continues to voice her views on border security, her candidacy has significant potential to resonate with voters who prioritize a tough stance on immigration issues.

Written by Staff Reports

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