Kennedy Urges Biden for No-Spoiler Pledge to Narrow Race Against Trump

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the independent candidate running for president, is calling on President Joe Biden to take a “no-spoiler pledge” ahead of the election. Kennedy proposed that both he and Biden agree to fund a 50-state poll and the weakest candidate in a head-to-head matchup against former President Donald Trump would vow to drop out of the race. Kennedy emphasized the importance of Americans being able to vote out of hope rather than fear, and he argued that this can only happen if there is a two-way race between him and President Trump or him and President Biden.

Kennedy’s campaign has been advocating for this pledge, claiming that Biden is spoiling the independent candidate’s chances against Trump. They argue that polls consistently show Kennedy performing better against President Trump than Biden does. Kennedy’s campaign manager, Amaryllis Kennedy, has compared internal polling to national polls to support this argument.

Kennedy, who initially ran as a Democrat before switching to an independent, has been working to get on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia for the general election. Although the campaign has faced challenges in securing ballot access, they have successfully gathered enough signatures for access in several states.

A recent poll showed that when Kennedy was added to the ballot, Biden’s lead over Trump increased. Despite this, Trump has been criticizing Kennedy on social media, labeling him as “far more LIBERAL” than any of the Democratic candidates.

Kennedy’s push for the “no-spoiler pledge” is aimed at ensuring that voters have the opportunity to support a candidate who aligns with their values. His campaign is working diligently to secure ballot access and to present a strong alternative to the current political landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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