Los Angeles Loses Big: Liberal Policies Fail Again!

Well, well, well, it looks like the liberal stronghold of Los Angeles County is finally feeling the effects of its misguided policies! According to recent data from the Census Bureau, the population of Los Angeles County dropped by a whopping 56,420 residents from July 2022 to July 2023. That’s right, folks, the City of Angels is losing its halo!

Not only did Los Angeles County take the top spot for the largest population decline in the entire United States, but other liberal havens like Kings County (Brooklyn), Queens County, and Bronx County in New York City also experienced significant population losses. Seems like people are fleeing these liberal utopias faster than you can say “tax-and-spend!”

But wait, there’s more! Two other California counties, Orange County and San Diego County, also made it into the Top Ten for population loss. It’s no wonder with all the high taxes, crime, and homelessness plaguing these areas. Maybe it’s time for these left-wing politicians to wake up and smell the fiscal responsibility!

Despite losing over 56,000 residents, Los Angeles County still holds the title of the most populous county in the nation. And guess what, folks? Cook County, Illinois, home to the liberal cesspool of Chicago, is nipping at its heels with a population of 5,087,072. Looks like the Windy City is blowing in some competition!

And let’s not forget about rural California counties like Lassen, Siskiyou, and Del Norte, leading the nation in population decline percentages. It’s no surprise that these areas, far removed from the liberal madness of the coast, are seeing their populations dwindle. Maybe it’s time for the rest of California to take a page from their book and embrace conservative values!

So, there you have it, folks. The population exodus from liberal strongholds like Los Angeles County is proof that conservative principles are the way forward. Maybe it’s time for these left-leaning politicians to start listening to the people and stop driving them away with their disastrous policies. Let’s hope they learn their lesson before it’s too late!

Written by Staff Reports

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