MAGA Insider Rick Green Eyes MA Gov 2026: Time to Overhaul Bay State GOP?

Massachusetts businessman and former Republican congressional candidate Rick Green was seen making moves in Washington at the Republican Governors Association office. This sighting is a clear sign that the MAGA conservatives in the Bay State are ready to revamp the state’s GOP and bring it in line with the rest of the party. Green, who owns 1A Auto and hails from Pepperell, revealed that he is considering a run for governor in 2026 but made it clear that his recent visit was merely a networking opportunity to build stronger ties between national and state Republicans.

In his conversation with RedState, Green highlighted the pressing issues facing Massachusetts, particularly crime and immigration concerns sweeping through the state. This enterprising businessman, who previously funded the ballot referendum to repeal driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, expressed deep worry about recent criminal incidents involving newcomers to the state. Green emphasized the need to safeguard the community, especially children, and underscored the importance of vetting individuals entering the nation to prevent tragic incidents like the one in Rockland involving a 15-year-old girl.

Green’s visit to the RGA office was seen as a strategic move by some in the party, aiming to challenge the influence of National State Committeeman Ronald Kaufman, a figure known for his establishment ties. MAGA conservatives hope Green’s potential candidacy for governor could shake up the GOP infrastructure in Massachusetts and steer the party away from its singular focus on the governor’s office. The Bay State GOP, long struggling to gain ground in state politics, has relied on outdated campaign strategies, like the “Vote the Man, Not the Party” approach, which has resulted in a lack of representation in other statewide offices and legislative chambers.

The declining trend of the Massachusetts Republican Party, exemplified by former Gov. Charles D. Baker’s tenure, has underscored the urgency for a fresh perspective and proactive leadership within the party. Baker’s lukewarm Republican stance and support for impeachment efforts against President Donald J. Trump did little to bolster the party’s standing, leading to further setbacks in the form of dwindling GOP representation in state legislatures. As the party grapples with internal discord and shifting alliances, figures like Rick Green emerge as potential catalysts for change and revitalization in the state’s political landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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