Moderate Dem Manchin considering third-party run in 2024

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is supposedly considering running as a third-party candidate in the 2024 presidential election. A source close to high-level Republican donors explained that Joe Biden’s left-leaning policies have pushed moderate Democrats like Manchin to explore alternative options. Many Republicans have even hoped that Manchin would defect to the Republican Party, though they believe an independent run might be his best choice.

Manchin is reportedly courting political donors to assess his chances of running as a third-party candidate. As the political divide in America continues to grow, it has become more difficult for politicians like Manchin to find a common middle ground between the two parties. Many moderate Democrats share Manchin’s views but feel pressure to conform to the party line. Manchin might have a better shot by running as a third-party candidate.

While Manchin has not yet made any bold declarations, he has kept his options open. Manchin recently told the Washington Post that “if enough Americans believe there is an option and the option is a threat to the extreme left and the extreme right, it will be the greatest contribution to democracy, I believe.” Whether this is the basis for a third-party campaign is yet to be seen.

If Manchin does decide to run as a third-party candidate, it would be a significant threat to Biden’s chances of winning a second term. Manchin is liked by both Democrats and Republicans and could attract voters from both sides of the aisle. Unlike Biden, Manchin is not beholden to the far-left wing of the Democrat Party, making him a more appealing candidate for moderate voters.

In conclusion, Manchin’s potential run as a third-party candidate could shake up the 2024 presidential election. It remains unclear whether he will pull the trigger, but the possibility of his entry into the race has already made waves in the political world.

Written by Staff Reports

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