MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Makes HUGE Political Announcement

Ronna McDaniels and Lee Zeldin have already declared their intention to run for chair of the Republican National Committee this year.

Mike Lindell is the name of the most recent individual to enter the race as a competitor.

More of what Lindell had to say about his announcement can be found below, and it was made on Emerald Robinson's podcast:

I believe that Lindell will have a difficult time trying to gain a significant amount of support for his campaign within the RNC. To tell you the truth, I don't think he has very much of a chance at all. The Republican National Committee does not seem me as the kind of organisation that would want to align with someone like Lindell, much less have him as their top election decisionmaker. I just don't get that impression from them.

Aside from that, Lee Zeldin seems to be the ideal candidate for the position, and he has momentum that he has worked very hard to build up throughout the most recent round of midterm elections. I am crossing my fingers that his popularity will carry him past any support that McDaniels may have for him, allowing us to get some fresh faces into the RNC.

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