New Bill Blocks Trans Agenda From US Military

Senator Marco Rubio has recently introduced a new bill, the Ensuring Military Readiness Act, that would prevent most transgender individuals from serving in the United States military. The bill, cosponsored by Senators Marsha Blackburn, Ted Budd, Tommy Tuberville, and Mike Braun, would require service members to serve in their biological sex and only allow an exception if the individual has transitioned back to their biological sex and has been stable in that sex for 36 months. The bill has been endorsed by Heritage Action, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, CatholicVote, and the American Principles Project.

Senator Rubio noted that the U.S. military should not be used as a “woke social experiment” and that the focus should be on countering threats from countries like China, Russia, and North Korea. Senator Tuberville added that the world is on the brink of a major conflict and now is not the time to “experiment with our armed forces.” Senator Blackburn also commented that the U.S. military is no place for social experiments and that any time not spent on readiness gives an upper hand to the “New Axis of Evil.”

The President of American Principles Project, Terry Schilling, stated that service in the U.S. military is a privilege and not a right and that biological reality and fitness standards should not be thrown away due to political agendas. He also urged all members of Congress to support the bill.

The Ensuring Military Readiness Act is an important step towards restoring the military to its rightful mission and ensuring that service members are physically and mentally fit to serve. The bill would ensure that the U.S. military is focused on countering threats from other countries and maintaining readiness rather than being used as a “woke social experiment”. The bill has been endorsed by several organizations and individuals, and it is important for all members of Congress to support it in order to ensure the safety of our nation.

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