Ninth Circuit Strikes Again: Gun Rights Under Liberal Siege!

In a jaw-dropping decision that had gun rights activists shaking their heads, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed a ban on firearm possession for defendants out on bail. Can you believe it, folks? The Bail Reform Act of 1984 has been given the green light to continue restricting those accused of crimes from exercising their Second Amendment rights. What’s next, outlawing apple pie?

The liberal judges, led by Biden appointee Judge Gabriel Sanchez, claimed that disarming defendants facing serious charges is in line with our country’s historical tradition. Seriously, folks, how far are they going to stretch this? While two defendants, John Thomas Fencl and Jesus Perez-Garcia, tried to challenge the ban citing a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Ninth Circuit didn’t budge. It’s like they’re trying to turn America into a gun-free zone one court decision at a time.

The panel, which included judges appointed by Democrats and even a Republican, argued that back in the day, defendants weren’t even allowed out on bail if they were facing serious charges. So, what are they trying to get at here? That our founding fathers would have been on board with disarming people left and right? Give me a break! It’s like they’re rewriting history to fit their anti-gun agenda.

This ruling is just another example of the left’s continuous assault on our rights. It’s like they don’t even care about individual liberties anymore, all they want is to control every aspect of our lives. So, next time you think about your right to bear arms, remember that there are judges out there trying to take it away with the stroke of a pen. Stay vigilant, friends, because the fight for our freedoms is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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