NSA Embraces Woke Terminology: Is National Security at Risk?

The disclosure of documents via the Daily Wire has brought to light a concerning pattern prevalent at the National Security Agency (NSA) that mirrors the recent subversion of the United States military. Evidently undertaking a new endeavor, the premier intelligence agency tasked with identifying both domestic and international dangers has compiled an exhaustive glossary of Woke terminology for its personnel. Although seemingly inconsequential, this reinforces the perception that individuals who do not adhere to radical leftist ideology risk being labeled "far-right extremists" or culpable of "hate speech," thereby endangering free speech.

There are 327 social justice terms in the NSA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary, some of which attribute "settler colonialism" to "white Europeans" and caution against "transmisogyny." The document espouses explicitly left-leaning perspectives regarding race and sexuality, supporting theoretical frameworks such as Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory. The inclusion of radical instructors' quotations, such as those by Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, further emphasizes the agency's acceptance of these subjective ideologies.

The glossary's definitions of concepts such as "white fragility" and "whiteness" demonize white people and perpetuate feelings of remorse. Furthermore, it advocates for queer theory and gender-neutral pronouns, highlighting the oppressive nature of traditional binary distinctions and the social construction of gender. National security is jeopardized and free speech is compromised as a result of this indoctrination, which distracts attention and resources from legitimate threats.

Concern and astonishment were conveyed by Representative Mike Waltz, a combat-deplored veteran of the United States Army, regarding the radical ideology's infiltration into the NSA. He emphasized as a member of the House Intelligence Committee the criticality of directing attention towards tangible threats rather than endorsing polarizing and antagonistic ideologies within a formidable intelligence organization.

The compendium not only criticizes the founding fathers of the United States, alleging "settler colonialism," but also attempts to undermine the nation's very foundation. It contends that systemic racism is perpetuated and that "white privilege" benefits white people. These distorted perspectives are diametrically opposed to reality and exacerbate divisions within the nation.

The fact that one of the most formidable intelligence agencies globally is preoccupied with advancing radical ideology rather than concentrating on its fundamental duty of safeguarding the American people is extremely concerning. Our safety and sovereignty are directly threatened by the infiltration of critical race theory and other divisive ideologies into our national security institutions. Reestablishing genuine supervision and holding these institutions accountable for their misaligned priorities is of the utmost importance.

In its pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Biden administration has infiltrated our intelligence agencies to an unacceptable degree. Rather than placing diversity of thought and the pursuance of national security as top priorities, these agencies are being consumed by politically motivated and divisive ideologies. Immediately, we must reestablish our fundamental objective of safeguarding our intelligence agencies against partisan bias and radical ideology. Our nation's security is contingent upon it.

Written by Staff Reports

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