NY Bill Targets Glock Mods, Debates Safety vs Rights

The New York state Legislature is thinking about passing a law that would stop people from having popular guns made by Glock. This bill, brought by Democratic State Sen. Zellnor Myrie, would want the guns changed so they can’t be turned into fully-automatic ones easily. Myrie says these gun parts, known as “Glock switches” and “pistol converters,” are dangerous. The state has already banned other gun-related things in the past, like “ghost guns” and bump stocks.

Some people seem to like this idea of changing the guns. A gun-control group called Everytown, which is supported by Bloomberg, is happy about it. They say that Glock guns can be turned into illegal machine guns quickly, which is a big problem. But not everyone agrees. Gun Owners of America thinks that this law will not stop criminals from using automatic guns to do bad things. They believe that regular people will be hurt by this law instead. 


Glock pistols are very popular in the United States, with many people buying them. The company has sold a lot of pistols, like the Glock 19X, which sold over 100,000 copies in just six months. It’s against the law to have a fully-automatic gun that is not registered properly, according to the NRA.

The Supreme Court got rid of New York’s rule on needing a good reason for a pistol permit. The NRA thinks that New York has a crime issue because they don’t punish crime enough, not because of guns. The New York Attorney General tried to shut down the NRA, but a judge said she couldn’t.

In conclusion, this proposed law in New York may not be the best solution to stop crime. It could make it harder for people to protect themselves while not doing much to stop criminals. The focus should be on punishing criminals and keeping communities safe, rather than restricting law-abiding citizens from owning guns for self-defense.

Written by Staff Reports

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