Obama Shockingly Trashes Democrats In Surprising Podcast Appearance

The former President of the United States, Barack Obama, recently made an appearance on a podcast called Pod Save America, where he criticized Democrats for being "buzzkills."

On Friday, the former president who was responsible for spying on Donald Trump's campaign claimed that Democrats are fixated on the wrong issues in light of the upcoming midterm elections.

The former president who spied on Donald Trump's campaign stated, after using himself as a model of a politician who can seem out of touch when becoming "professorial," that voters ask, How is politics even important to things I care most profoundly about?  My wife and children, the work that I do that fulfills me, and having joy in life. Hell, not to become a buzzkill.

He continued by saying the following in reference to the fascist cancel culture of the left: And occasionally Democrats are [a buzzkill].  People just want to be able to speak their minds without worrying about offending anyone, and they want an understanding that life is chaotic and that anyone, at any time, can say something inadvertent or make a mistake.

The former president who spied on Donald Trump's campaign also said that Democrats should stop focusing on topics that don't matter and instead shift their attention to more important issues:

[The Democrats] devote a significant lot of their time, energy, and resources to highlighting the most recent insanity emanating from [Trumpmouth, ]'s as well as highlighting how impolite or unkind some of these Republican candidates were. That is probably not something that, in the views of the majority of voters, is something that is more important than their fundamental interests, such as Can I pay the rent?  How much does a gallon of gas cost? How am I going to manage childcare responsibilities?

The former president who conducted surveillance on Donald Trump's campaign is correct in his assessment of this matter. The difficulty is that Democrats are unable to discuss these concerns for one very basic reason: Democrats are the party responsible for purposefully producing these catastrophes.

Democrats actively seek to create a housing shortage. Why else would they let in millions of illegal aliens and enact ludicrous environmental restrictions that make building homes prohibitively expensive? The pro-density stance that the Democrats take is not a secret to anyone. They despise the surrounding suburbs. They despise homes consisting of one family. They want us to be crammed into their decaying cities so that they can exert more control over us. Building additional homes and putting an end to illegal immigration is therefore the only solution to the housing shortage problem. However, Democrats want lawbreaking immigrants to take the place of American citizens.

In addition, Democrats are of the opinion that there is currently an adequate supply of dwellings. The issue is that we are too self-absorbed and too proud to give up the idea of having our very own house, complete with a yard and a garage. People who are content cannot be controlled or manipulated in any way. Only dissatisfied individuals can be controlled and manipulated effectively.

Don't make me chuckle with your comments about the cost of gas. The fact that gasoline costs five dollars a gallon is not a flaw; rather, it is a feature. How can Democrats handle the issue of rising gas costs when the only remedy is to tap into the natural resources of the United States, which would provide cheap energy for hundreds of years?

The last thing that Democrats want is for the United States of America to be affluent. Scarcity is another component of the system that was designed to make us unpleasant and, as a result, easier to manage.

A population that is content with its current state does not desire change. This is the reason why Democrats look down their noses at people who are working class or middle class. This is why Democrats are so focused on destroying the working and middle classes through policies like outsourcing jobs, creating a housing crisis on purpose, and artificially inflating gas prices.

The Democratic Party has its sights set on our children as well. All of this foolishness about homosexuality and transgenderism is intended to destroy well-adjusted, happy, and contented children who would otherwise mature into responsible and self-sufficient adults.

The Democrats' goal is not to have a population that is secure and able to provide for itself. They have no interest in producing another Generation X. Democrats are freaks: miserable, unstable neurotics who believe they are part of a victimized minority. And what better way to generate that population than by the hypersexualization of youngsters before they are ready, permanent puberty blockers, pre-adult sexual alterations that butcher the body, and "fat acceptance?"

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breitbart.

Written by Staff Reports

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